Company Profile

About Pin-mou

Pin-mou Enterprise was founded in 1990, they have always stay true to the founder, Szu Chuan Chen’s mentality - “Provide only the world’s best quality products with great honesty and trustworthiness”.

Pin-mou provides service of mold operating, using raw plastic material from Nan Ya Plastics and Formosa Plastics Group to produce PVC compound and a wide range of plastic products with profile extrusion technique. We also produce products including   to producing different plastic products including automotive rubber strips, basic rubber strips, waterproof steel rubber strips, airtight rubber strips, fire retardant rubber strips, smoke seals and other customized products.

Since Pin-mou established in 1990, we have tripled the amount of our extruder machines, from having only 3 machines to having 9 machines in total now.

We provide raw plastic materials for customers including ABS、PP、PE、PC、TPV、TPR、PVC(RoHS 2.0), compounded rubber, and fireproof materials. These materials can be applied into a variety of manufacturing factories such as automotive, fire retardant door, aluminum door, electrical machinery and electronics.

We were also able to develop exclusive CNS11227 and CNS11227-1 certified fire retardant rubber strips and CNS15038 certified airtight rubber strips which passed the air leakage testing at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Ming Dao University (MDU) and Wugu Lab.

Mission Statement


Pin-mou is committed to provide the most professional technology with our experiences over the past 20 years. Our mission is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with stable product quality and accurate product delivery. We research and develop next-generation technologies to continuously improve our product quality and quantity.


Our hilosophy and Vision





Pin-mou has formally passed to the second generation of the Chen’s family, from the founder Szu Chuan Chen to his son Kuan Lin Chen. Kuan Lin still remembers the hardship his father had to went through at the beginning of the family business when Kuan Lin started participated in the day-to-day operations with his father. He has learned every aspect of the family business throughout the years and he feels like he has been growing with the company since then.

Moving forward, Kuan Lin will inherit on the mission and vision that his father has been carry on for the past 20 years, and that is - “To create an attitude of producing products and services at the highest level of quality possible for each one of our customer.”

Our high-quality products were awarded certification by SGS and were able to pass multiple pre-lab flame tests.

We are proud to share that the fire retardant rubber strips that passed the pre-lab flame testing (60B Fire Retardant) at NCKU were products of Pin-mou.