防火膠條pm-827 建築防火.FIRE RETARDANT TRIM




防火膠條pm-827 建築防火

防火條pm-827 提供多種規格選擇


  • 膨脹倍率10-15
  • 材質:PVC+橡膠+石墨 
  • PVC的耐候性佳,但回復性差,而橡膠回復性及耐熱性佳把二種特性相加而製成的膠條,更耐用也更氣密再加入石墨使其遇火會膨脹,會把因變型而造成縫細填滿使其火源不會竄出,應用於防火門門上
  • 尺寸:目前樣式很多可供選擇,也可以依客戶需求開模
  • 用途:安裝於門框凹槽中使其氣密
  • 認証:成功大學防火實驗室、五股防火實驗室、明道防火實驗室CN-11227CN11227-1

Fire protection strip pm-827 provides a variety of specifications

About airtight fireproof and smoke-proof adhesive strip – building fire protection

Expansion ratio 10-15 times

Material: PVC+rubber+graphite

PVC has good weather resistance, but poor recovery, while rubber has good recovery and heat resistance. The rubber strip made by adding the two characteristics is more durable and airtight. Adding graphite to make it expand in case of fire, it will cause The deformation causes the seam to be filled up so that the fire source will not escape, and it is applied to the fire door.

Size: At present, there are many styles to choose from, and molds can also be opened according to customer needs

Purpose: Install in the groove of the door frame to make it airtight

Certification: National Cheng Kung University Fire Protection Laboratory, Wugu Fire Protection Laboratory, Mingdao Fire Protection Laboratory CN-11227, CN11227-1

關於平板型防火防煙膠條,異型押出,氣密型防火防煙膠條- 建築防火,包鐵金屬固定夾防水氣密條。


About flat-type fire-proof and smoke-proof strip, special-shaped extrusion, air-tight fire-proof and smoke-proof strip – building fire protection, iron-clad metal fixing clip waterproof and airtight strip.

Obtain SGS certification


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