PD-608 Trim Seal




PD-608 居家車用防水膠條,多款型號供詢問


  1. 材質:PVC+SPCC-2B  HV=170~190 0.4mm
  2. SPCC-2B】是日本的鋼材牌號,按照日本標準(JIS)生產。整體意思是:HRB硬度在74~89,表面光亮的一般用冷軋碳鋼薄板及帶。符號具體含義:S-鋼(Steel)、P-板(Plate)、C-冷軋(cold)、第四位C-普通級(common);2代表(1/2)的硬質,相當於HRB硬度是74~89
  3. 鋼材有沖段,使其膠條在裁切尺寸上更省力好裁剪,也使其膠條更好彎折
  4. 用途:防水,防撞,安裝於鐵板上可防撞、防刮傷人


  1. PVC軟硬共押:二台機器一台使用硬料(一種顏色)、一台軟料(另一種顏色),同時間經過模具共押成型
  2. 單体部份材質:PVC+SPCC-2B  HV=170~190 0.4mm
  3. 軟質部份(氣密性)PVC+橡膠
  4. 可安裝於電氣箱門上或其它需要防水氣密的箱体()上,施工簡單、快速,氣密性佳,耐用、耐候性佳



Iron-clad waterproof airtight strip with metal clip-single type iron-clad waterproof strip (airtight strip)

Material: PVC+SPCC-2B HV=170~190 0.4mm thick

SPCC-2B] is a Japanese steel grade, produced in accordance with Japanese Standards (JIS). The overall meaning is: HRB hardness is 74~89, and the surface is bright for general cold-rolled carbon steel sheets and strips. The specific meaning of the symbol: S-steel (Steel), P-plate (Plate), C-cold (cold), fourth C-common grade (common); 2 represents (1/2) hardness, equivalent to HRB Hardness is 74~89

The steel has punched sections, which makes the rubber strip more labor-saving and easy to cut in terms of cutting size, and also makes the rubber strip easier to bend

Uses: waterproof, anti-collision, installed on the iron plate to prevent collision and scratch people

About air-tight iron-clad rubber strip (PVC soft and hard co-pressed rubber strip)

PVC soft and hard co-pressing: two machines use hard material (one color) and one soft material (another color), and at the same time, they are formed by co-pressing of the mold

Single part material: PVC+SPCC-2B HV=170~190 0.4mm thick

Soft part (air tightness): PVC+rubber

It can be installed on the electrical box door or other boxes (doors) that need waterproof and airtightness. The construction is simple and fast, with good airtightness, durability and good weather resistance.

About flat type fireproof and smokeproof strip, special-shaped extrusion, airtight fireproof and smokeproof strip- Building fire protection, iron-clad metal clip waterproof and airtight strip,-pinmou-professional waterproof strip fireproof strip

Obtain SGS certification


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